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Learn more about what we do here at Manufactured Wonders, how and why too.  These are some of the questions we frequently asked ourselves, and we will update them as we learn more. 3d printing services and custom products, starting with full color lithophanes.

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What do we do here exactly?

Well, we will have a blog post about that in more detail soon. Perhaps the best way to describe it in short, is that we offer an expanding array of high quality hobby level manufacturing services aimed at providing unique or customized art, decor, prototypes, and more. We are starting with custom lithophanes and will offer new products and solutions as we grow. Thanks for asking!

How do we do it?

Using some open source tools and 3d printers we are initially offering 3d printed full color lithophanes of personal pictures and other artwork uploaded before checkout. Taking advantage of cmyk color blending we can bring a memory to life in a tangible and delightful way. Privacy is important to us, and we don't 'use' or retain your photos except to fulfill your order and then they are discarded. More detailed information about that soon.

Why though?

Deep down we think all of these tools are truly wonderful and are grateful they are available to anyone. It is still early days for 3d printing, even a decade in, and many people still have a long road before they push print themselves for the first time. It starts with a little wonder, and we are working to expose people to to what is possible in hopes that we can move on to teaching people how to get involved. Look forward to more information about that venture down the road.

Yes, but if I ask you some real questions, will you answer me?

Absolutely, we would love to hear from you, and will gladly answer any questions you may have, maybe they will wind up here! Check our Contact page to reach out now.