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Manufactured Wonders

Hanging Color Lithophane

Hanging Color Lithophane

Experience your favorite photos and artwork in three dimensions with a Color Lithophane. 3D printing technology brings your cherished memories to life.  Upload a picture and we will make adjustments and produce a full color 3d printed lithophane that can be hung in a window or in front of any light source to reveal the image. 

Manufactured Wonders brings every Hanging Color Lithophane to life with a blend of modern technology and the attention to detail of traditional craftmanship. Each one is made to order, ensuring that what you receive was created just for you. As a small operation with big dreams, we pour our heart and soul into making every piece, right, as quickly as possible, so forgive us where we take our time.

And, we promise, it will be worth the short wait.

We're on an exciting journey, growing and learning every day. We take our work seriously, but we refuse to lose our sense of wonder, learn more about what we have planned soon on our blog. Thank you for supporting our dream, for being part of our story, and for letting us create something wonderful, just for you.

Learn more about the process at View the terms and conditions of their service here

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